S. Bernard Schwarz & Associates is a distinguished immigration law firm in New York City providing a broad range of immigration legal services to corporations, universities, hospitals, and other organizations as well as entrepreneurs and individuals throughout the United States. 

Our firm also provides legal services in the further areas of Divorce, Personal Injury and Probate and Estate Litigation. These services are provided locally.

Founded in 1975, our firm has concentrated its law practice in all areas of immigration law, including:

- Labor Certification
- EB-1 Priority Worker
EB-2 Priority Worker 
- Family-Sponsored Immigration

- VAWA Self-Petition
- Naturalization/US Citizenship
- E Visas 

- E-1/E-2 Fam Notes
 Other Non-Immigrant Visas
- H-1 Visas
- O-1 Visas
- L-1 Visas
- Consular Practice
- Asylum
- Deportation/Removal Defense
- Waiver of Ineligibility
- Federal Court Litigation

Our outstanding achievements spread in the international community and attracted clients from a broad range of nations including Russia, Poland, Canada, Israel, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, Algeria, Mali, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. 

The Mexican Consulate in New York has officially approved our firm out of a selected few as a recommended immigration law firm.